Shakers  Bar

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We thought we'd introduce you to Alison first. She is the real boss and don't let anyone tell you otherwise. She is also the glamorous side of the ownership. Like all good bosses Ali chips in and does her stints behind the bar, if your lucky you'll get chance to be served by her.

Meet Ash!! Well hes kinda the boss he's never out of the place, we can't work out whether he's a workaholic or an alcoholic. He has lots of jobs, barman, publicity on the streets, security.but his favourite job is cuddling baby Dan

Picture coming soon

This is Grainne, our flying barmaid from Dublin

This is Fido, we suggest you don't upset him! This is him giving a rowdy customer the "Stop it or I'll bite you" look. It will do you no good what so ever trying to bribe him with steak or food hes a vegan. If Fido is on then just behave! Incidentally Fido is only his working name, his real name is being witheld for security reasons!

(The Gaffers)

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